KAMSIN C50 11 Gauge Manual Hog Ring Plier 1-1/2-Inch Crown Hog Ring Plier C Ring Stapler 13.5-14mm Closure Diameter Hog Ring Stapler for Wire Cages, Gabion Fastening

$409.99 $359.99
  • Well-balanced manual C ring Plier, 11 Gauge 1-1/2-inch(38.7mm) Crown, 13.5-14mm Closure Diameter
  • Durable metal with clamping buckle design, simple to operate, no need for air compressor
  • Long magazine can load 125 PCS staples at one time with easy-to-load clamping buckle design
  • Tensile structure & Long handle for extra leverage and reach design minimize operating fatigue
  • Tungsten steel muzzle after high quenching treatment has higher hardness and longer service life
  • Strengthened upper & lower jaws inside the body provide higher tensile strength, faster, and more stable
  • Auto-feed System: the staples on the magazine will automatically push on without manual adjustment to ensure smooth fastening