KAMSIN KT38 Pneumatic Nails Puller for Recycling/Removing Nails shank diameter of 3-5 mm (0.118"-0.196") Air Punch Nailer Air Power Nail Remover Gun Nail Puncher Heavy Duty Denailer Gun

$68.75 $55.00
  • 【Quick Withdrawal】Kamsin Nails Puller adopts hard tungsten steel barrel, which is full of power, powerful and fast. It is 4-5 times more efficient than ordinary manual removal of nails, saving manpower and improving work efficiency.
  • 【Humanized Sense of Use】 The switch design is sensitive to touch, which is comfortable, safe and efficient. The grip is made of anti-skid shock absorbing rubber sleeve. The whole gun is designed according to human mechanics. Long time operation without fatigue.
  • 【Long Service Life】The nail pulling gun is made of precision high-pressure integrated molding. The whole tool is solid enough to be competent for various harsh working environments.
  • 【Durable】The steel one-piece nail head design is durable, and the inner cylinder head screws are firmly connected
  • 【Professional Tools】An ideal nail puller and remover aims to save worker from tons of agony and sore arms from driving nails out of soft and hard woods. *Removable Nails Range:0.118"-0.196" (3-5 mm)Of Head Diameter
  • 【Applications】Used for recycling and removing nails of discarded straight nails on wood workpieces, plastic parts and waste materials.