KAMSIN KT50 Pneumatic Nails Puller, Professional Heavy Duty Air Punch Nailer,1/4 Inch NPT Air Inlet Air Power Nail Remover, Denailer Removes Nails At The Head Diameter Of 0.118"(3mm)-0.236"(6mm)

  • [Slim Elongated Nose Design] The slim elongated nose design allows you to get into tight spaces and drive nails out of the work pieces efficiently and with precision while maintaining the integrity and quality of the wood.
  • [Larger Cylinder] Larger cylinder ensures ample power, prompting sturdy hammer strikes strongly, allowing nail comes out every time.
  • [Safety Lock] Equipped with an easy-switch safety lock, avoiding accidental injury to your fingers by the firing pin, improving work safety. Turn up is to lock and down is to release.
  • [Professional Tools] An ideal nail puller and remover aims to save worker from tons of agony and sore arms from driving nails out of soft and hard woods. *Removable Nails Range:0.118"(3mm)-0.236"(6mm) Of Head Diameter
  • [Applications] Used for recycling and removing nails of discarded straight nails on wood workpieces, plastic parts and waste materials.