Kamsin M66S Pneumatic Lighter Clinching Clipper Air Power Clinching Gun Hartco Clipper Industrial Clip Tool Vertex Fastening Clipper Gun for Spring Mattress, Car Seat

  • ◀ Light-weight & Durable ▶ The clever design of plastic cover and plastic magazine with stainless steel bottom plate reduces the weight and increases the durability of the magazine. Not afraid of the wear of nails on the magazine, which leads to the stuck push nails and the poor use experience caused by the heavy feel
  • ◀ Installable & Suspensible ▶ Two screws on each side of the body for installing a balance bar on the left or right side to minimize operating fatigue, especially suitable for assembly line operation, quicker reloading, less fatigue and higher efficiency
  • ◀ Ease of Operation ▶ Improved design using a plastic cover and plastic magazine embedded stainless steel baseplate subtly for lighter weight and increasing wear resistance , Ergonomic arched magazine with tail-latch and Well-balanced handle ensure effortless handling and easy control
  • ◀ Build to Last ▶ Durable aluminum body, High-temperature quenched tungsten steel muzzle, Wear-resistant stainless steel magazine plate, Stronger cylinder and Faster, more powerful & trouble-free industrial Valve provide longer service life and guarantee smooth fastening
  • ◀ Meet Your Need ▶ Perfect for spring mattress, car seat, sofa, crab pots, lobster traps, clam traps, fishing traps, fencing, wire cages, bedding, upholstering, etc.
  • ◀ Clips Range ▶ Accepts M66 Clinch Clips (Please check the description for more details and find them). ★ PACKAGE COMES WITH 1 × STRIP OF CLIPS 1 × BALANCE BAR WITH TOOLS ★