Kamsin M66K Pneumatic Clinch Clip Clipper Snap Fastener Tool Air Power Clinching Tool Hartco Clipper Vertex Fastening Clipper Gun Industrial Clip Tool Gun for Spring Mattress, Car Seat

$259.99 $229.99
  • ◀ Installable & Suspensible ▶ Two screws on each side of the body for installing a balance bar on the left or right side to minimize operating fatigue, especially suitable for assembly line operation, quicker reloading, less fatigue and higher efficiency
  • ◀ Ease of Operation ▶ Improved design using a plastic cover for lighter weight, Ergonomic arched magazine with tail-latch and Well-balanced handle ensure effortless handling and easy control
  • ◀ Build to Last ▶ Durable aluminum body, High-temperature quenched tungsten steel muzzle, Wear-resistant steel magazine, Stronger cylinder and Faster, more powerful & trouble-free industrial Valve provide longer service life and guarantee smooth fastening
  • ◀ Meet Your Need ▶ Perfect for spring mattress, car seat, sofa, crab pots, lobster traps, clam traps, fishing traps, fencing, wire cages, bedding, upholstering, etc.
  • ◀ Clips Range ▶ Accepts M66 Clinch Clips (Please check the description for more details and find them). ★ PACKAGE COMES WITH 1 × STRIP OF CLIPS 1 × BALANCE BAR WITH TOOLS ★