KAMSIN Galvanized Vertex Clips Hartco M66 Clinch Clips for Clinching Tool, 18mm(3/4”)-22mm(7/8") Width 6.2mm(1/4") Crown Clips for Clinch Clip Clipper Spring Mattress

  • ◀ Specifics ▶ CL-4: 960 PCS Per Box. Width: 22mm(7/8”), Crown: 6.2mm(1/4”), Height: 14.1mm(9/16”); CL-72: 1,120 PCS Clips per Box. Width: 18mm(3/4”), Crown: 6.2mm(1/4”), Height: 14.1mm(9/16”)
  • ◀ Materials ▶ Made of High Quality Galvanized or Cold-roll Steel (Optional, please click to choose)
  • ◀ High Quality ▶ ① Galvanized: Glossy appearance, Rust-proof surface, Superior corrosion resistance, Excellent rust resistance, Longer service life. ② Cold-roll Steel: Wear-resistant, High hardness, Good crack resistance, Good mechanical properties, High dimensional accuracy
  • ◀ Suit Your Needs ▶ Perfect for spring mattress, car seat, sofa spring, lobster traps, clam traps, fencing, wire cages, bedding, upholstering, etc
  • ◀ Match Tools ▶ Compatible with M66 Series Pneumatic Clinching Tools, including M66B, AM66T, M66T, M66-CL, etc. ★Check the description to find them★